A Passionate Sponsor: Premiere Systems

Premiere Systems is a technology integration company for commercial and luxury residential builds in Chicago and Florida. We master the complexities of technology so that you can enjoy the magic of controlling your audio, video, lights, security and more. We know that your goal is not to research long lists of technical equipment, study system requirements, or understand how it all works together. Your goal is completion – to be in your beautiful home, enjoying your favorite cocktail, glass of wine, movie, or music in the perfect lighting and with total control. So at Premiere, that is where we begin: by dreaming that dream with you. Seeing the completed vision, every day, in your home. Because when we keep our eyes trained on that vision, we can do anything.

The passion we bring to our work is only the beginning. We feel that giving back and striving to make the world a better place only fuels us on a deeper level. Our relationships are not meant to earn business but to help bring awareness and encourage meaningful connections.

Premiere is proud to be associated with the STARability foundation. This organization brings a level of understanding, compassion and action necessary for enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities that we consider an incredibly worthy cause. The inspiration and passion began with one of STARability’s very own STAR. Knowing him from a young age, seeing his growth, and getting information on what it looks like for the next stage of life for those who have disabilities helped us realize there isn’t a great support system in place to help this community thrive to its fullest potential. If there was something we can do as a society, we knew we had to help. Through this organization, we’ve learned from a participant’s perspective that being able to stay active in your community, no matter what life has dealt you, helps in countless ways and improves overall health. Seeing the engagement, connection and happiness from participants is what grew our passion to support such a program. We see how happy it makes others involved and what it does for certain individuals.

Phenomenal organization from top-down – starting with the board and the president being heavily involved in the organization all the way down to everyone that they choose for businesses to work with. – Robert Anderson, Vice President Premiere Systems