“FUN, FUN, FUN” At STARability All Inclusive 3k

Running, Walking and Rolling Together!

The forecast for the STARability 3K Fun Run, Walk & Roll was sunny with a chance of smiles! We were so happy to see so many community members of all different ability levels come together to celebrate inclusion. It was an early morning start, but everyone showed up bright-eyed and ready to participate. Over 100 ran, walked, and rolled together, sharing stories and encouragement along the way. We are truly thankful to all the amazing individuals who came out and supported our mission to transform the lives of individuals with disabilities through social, vocational and educational connections to the community while strengthening awareness and respect for individual abilities. Below are some of the wonderful highlights from the event, if you would like to see more photos from the event CLICK HERE.


Participants Taking Off.

“Ready, Set, GO!”


STARability Staff, Susan and Madison All Smiles Post Race.


“It was wonderful to see everyone helping and cheering each other on. Everyone came together whether they were walking, running, rolling or just providing support.”


Participant Matthew Crossing the Finish Line.                                                                    


“This is a unique event with everyone being able to be involved, even those in scooters and wheelchairs.”


Jenny H. and Son Making it to the Finish Line.


“Amazing and beautiful day running and scootering. We hope to do this every year!”


Hannah cheered through the finish line.


“I’m happy to be independent, spend time walking with my family and STARability friends, and finish strong!”


Tiffany and family walking together.


“I only stopped once for a water break. If they do this again next year, you know where I will be? I will be here!”


Laura, Lou, and Tori Walking as a Family.


“Laughing with everyone was her favorite part”


Michael Smiling After Finishing First.


“I wake early up every morning to run! I love running with STARability!”


Mark and son All Smiles at the Finish.


“We survived! Had a great time cheering everyone else on!”


Lely High School Cheerleaders Providing Encouragement.


“[STARability] such a great program to get involved with!”


Dago Finishing Strong.


“I ran all the way!”