Show Your Support and Help FUND OUR FUTURE

To know Joe Shirley now compared to three years ago—before the Trailblazer Academy transformed his life—reveals the power of shining light on ability, not disability. Becoming a Trailblazer brought daily purpose, new friends, vocational training, nutrition and fitness, and interaction with more than 25 community businesses and organizations into Joe’s life. He’s a new man now. He is holding down two part-time jobs; is more outgoing than his family ever imagined he could be; and is more fit and active. He seems younger, smiles more and radiates a true sense of belonging within an inclusive community. (See him express how much the program means to him in this video taken at the 2019 STAR Gala!)

STARability continues to be a viable change agent. Our innovative programs and services have earned us a remarkable regional reputation. Families who go north for the summer tell us that our Trailblazer Academy is more dynamic and results-driven than what is offered in their home states. We have changed the conversation from “You need to move back north to find programs” by offering a dynamic, community-based adult day program that is making Naples a more inclusive community.

We’re ready to FUND OUR FUTURE so that more of our 300 members can live their best lives. To do that, we need a center that will provide a base of operations to expand our Trailblazer Academy as well as a culinary kitchen, an arts studio, a venue for our social events and more. Show us you believe in what we’re doing. FUND OUR FUTURE through our newly launched endowment fund. Our goal is to raise $50,000 by Dec. 31, 2019.We are offering a simple way to support this center, while inviting others to join our ever-widening circle of support. Like or follow us on Facebook, where you can donate to our endowment fund with the click of a button from now until Dec. 31, 2019. Then, you also can easily invite friends, family and others to support the amazing growth and exciting goals of STARability at any amount—from $1 to $1,000—by sharing the post. You can also donate to our endowment fund by mailing a check to our office or visiting this page on our website.