Having Fun & Learning

Sub Zero (1) 06132016 Jon & Joe Opp Acd







Attendees of FDD’s summer life skills classes, led by Michelle Turchetta of Leap Ahead Foundation, have been having a blast and experiencing new endeavors!

On Monday afternoons, participants of Opportunity Academy visit local businesses, Title Boxing Club and Sub Zero Ice Cream, working on actual jobs and learning about the businesses. In the weeks to come they will be exploring their interests and applying their talents and abilities at several more companies.

Attendees of The Entrepreneurship Club are excited about the idea for their business: Super Dog Stuff! They have started production and will soon be marketing and selling the items. You will soon see the entrepreneurs and their “super” products at FDD events and throughout the community!

Entrepreneurship Class 06.0612 (3)Supper Club 05242016







The Supper Club has been a big hit. Twice a month a group of FDD members go out to eat at a local Perkins Restaurant. They have learned how to order food and leave a tip within their budget, how to pick healthy food options, and are developing their social interaction skills.

The summer life skills classes are making an impact in the lives of those attending and they look forward to coming to the classes. The guardian of one participant said, “He loves the Entrepreneurship Class and looks forward to attending each week.”