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Our STAR Studio Enterprise Is Growing!

STAR*Made Studio candle enterprise

In 2019, STARability launched its first social enterprise, the STAR*Made Studio. Located at the STAR Store, the studio employs two STARability participants and provides vocational training for more than 30 participants of the Trailblazer Academy and Junior Trailblazer Academy.

If you’ve visited the Studio, you’ve surely seen the participants hard at work creating a growing line of stellar home décor, the signature items of which are small-batch, hand-poured natural soy candles. This intricate process of candlemaking has a place for all abilities to contribute to a beautiful finished product, empowering the candlemakers to creatively express themselves as well as learn individual tasks and work as a team to achieve a vocational goal. And, some exciting news: The Studio has begun to expand with its first corporate orders, taking it in an exciting new direction.

The studio first began a wonderful ongoing opportunity with Finding Sanctuary, founded by STARability Board President Lisa Kahn of Lisa Kahn Designs. You can read all about the partnership in Lisa’s blog here!

Stofft Cooney Architects also placed a 200-piece order of our new white tumbler candles. The candles (Cardamom Cedar Blossom-scented!) were given to Stofft Cooney clients and guests of the November grand opening event of The Collective, the design hub in the Naples Design District where Stofft Cooney is located.

“I was so excited to be able to offer this opportunity to all involved,” says Jenny Haire, Managing Director of Stofft Cooney.  “And it was such a success! The candles turned out great, and the fact that they were hand-made by the participants only makes them even more special.”

Stofft Cooney staff enjoyed joining in on the process, too, assisting with the packaging stages.

Stofft Cooney and The Collective also serve as vocational training sites for the Trailblazer Academy. “Having the Trailblazers participate in making our work environment an even better place is such a blessing,” Jenny says. “We feel very lucky to have them in our office and building. They definitely shine a light on our day!”