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Something Beautiful Is Blooming…

Dig this: STARability is thrilled to announce the launch of a community garden!

The garden is a collaborative, multifaceted project among the City of Naples, River Park Community Center and the STARability Foundation that centers on revitalizing River Park’s 2,000-square-foot garden. The project has received generous support from Abbie Joan Fine Living, Autism Speaks, the Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation, Connections for a Cause, ECHO International and Naples Garden Club.

The garden will serve as a vehicle to teach critical life skills to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who are enrolled in STARability’s community-based programs, including the Junior Trailblazer Academy, an after-school program for high school students. Participants will work with STARability instructors, volunteers and community partners to revitalize the garden over the coming year. As the garden takes shape, it will also offer at-risk youth enrolled in River Park’s programs a place where they can connect to their environment and continue learning. Furthermore, the garden will promote inclusion and accessibility for neighboring residents and businesses, as well as the wider downtown Naples community, through educational opportunities, events and other activities.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we grow.

Thank you to our supporters!

Abbie Joan Fine Living, Autism Speaks, Brooks and Joan Fortune Family Foundation, Connections for a Cause, ECHO and Naples Garden Club