STAR Member Of The Month: Jeff W

This month’s STAR Member Spotlight is Jeff W. He has been selected for his shining star qualities!

•  The undefeated Uno card player!
•  A beloved basketball teammate!
•  A blissful bowler, with a high score of 172!

Meet Jeff! Jeff moved to Naples from Chicago, Illinois, and has been with STARability for a long time. Since becoming a member in 2003, he has been continuously active in the Naples community through various activities such as swimming, bowling, basketball and bocce! Jeff is always on the move through dancing at social events or bowling with his team. He enjoys getting strikes and sharing the excitement with his friends. It’s clear he is very social and an avid sportsman! His favorite team is the Philadelphia Eagles—NOT the Packers! He enjoys being around his family and his community. His family consists of his mom and dad, his brother, Bill, and his sister, Michelle. He has two cats named Mya and Kitty and a dog named Sweetie to keep him busy at home. While out in the community, Jeff prefers to be outside or working at his church. He enjoys working so much he wishes he could every single day! Jeff’s favorite color is blue. He enjoys watching James Bond movies and listening to sixties music—especially Saint Willie Nelson. Jeff values his roots, and it shows when he orders a Chicago-style pizza with ALL the toppings, with an iced tea to drink.