STAR Member of the Month: Shawn D.

This month’s STAR Member Spotlight is Shawn D. He has been selected for his shining star qualities!

  • Wonder-worker, who WOWs Cosmos’ management
  • Weather watcher, willing to learn new weather patterns
  • Personable people person, a friend to all

Originally from Coral Gables, Florida, he now resides here in Naples. He has been a member of STARability for several years. His favorite thing about where he currently lives in the comfort of his own home. Shawn has an older sister named Sonja, but he just lives with his mom. The entire family shares a love for cleanliness—Shawn included! He had a pet cat named Tasha who recently passed away. Shawn recently traveled to Dallas, Texas, to see the Cowboys play against the Miami Dolphins this year; he called it the vacation of his life! At STARability, Shawn enjoys bowling, basketball and Trailblazer Academy. Being involved with STARability has helped him to type better on the computer and also get a job! He works at Cosmos Ristorante & Pizzeria, where he rolls silverware, cleans menus and wipes down windows. It’s the perfect job for him because his favorite food is pizza! Shawn loves music, especially New Kids on the Block. His favorite thing to watch on TV is The Weather Channel.