STAR Member Of The Month: Shelbi S.

This month’s STAR Member Spotlight is Shelbi S. She has been selected for her shining star qualities!

  • A splendid singer who serenades listeners!
  • A brilliant bowler with a high score of 131.
  • A natural at making people happy anywhere!

Introducing Shelbi S.! She is a native Neapolitan (sixth generation!) and was born at Naples Community Hospital. She lives with her mom, dad and sister, Rilie. Their family dog’s name is Luna. Shelbi has been involved with musical theater since she was 5 years old. She LOVES to sing and dance to Big Time Rush and hopes to meet them someday. She also loves to sing Christmas music, Disney music, and the music of Cats the musical. Shelbi also enjoys swimming with Luna and taking her on walks through the neighborhood. Even though Shelbi is a performer at heart, she loves to eat nachos and pizza and take long naps. Shelbi loves watching Disney movies, Family Feud and America’s Funniest Home Videos with her family. She has traveled to New York City to see Cats and Aladdin on Broadway but prefers short trips to Universal Studios Orlando the best—she doesn’t want to feel too rushed to enjoy her vacation. If you want a sweet treat, visit Shelbi while she’s working at Royal Scoop. Some of Shelbi’s favorite programs at STARability are bowling, Trailblazer Academy and improv. She loves to participate in the programs because it helps her make new friends and continue to learn something new every day! In the future, Shelbi would like STARability to have its own musical theater program.