STAR Spotlight: Ryan S.

  • Ryan’s STAR qualities:
    • Active through cycling, walking and basketball
    • Always has a smile on his face
    • Shows leadership out in the community

Meet Ryan! Originally from New Jersey, he moved to Naples when he was 1 year old. The best part for Ryan about living here is the warmth—it’s WAY too cold in New Jersey! He does like to visit New York from time to time to experience snow in small doses. Ryan’s family includes his mom and dad, Nana and Papa, and sister. He also has a cat named Snickers. Some of Ryan’s favorite STARability activities include bowling, basketball and Jazz Funk with Trailblazer Academy. Being involved with STARability has helped him make friends, volunteer in the community and learn how to be a leader. He also enjoys riding bikes with his family, training for Special Olympics at the gym and playing Angry Birds. Ryan’s favorite food is ham and favorite drink is the fruit punch flavor of Vitamin Water. His favorite color is red. Ryan LOVES rock music—especially Bon Jovi. He has a great sense of humor and loves watching Shrek. In the future, Ryan would like to learn more dance skills and start a cycling club so he can ride his bike with his friends. His favorite thing to say is, “I’m happy!” The best part about being involved with STARability sports is getting strikes at bowling every week.