STAR Stories

Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Cummings

Meet Monica, one of STARability’s newest volunteers. As Supervisor of Special Populations – Adaptive Inclusive Recreation for Collier County Parks & Recreation, Monica brings wonderful perspective and passion to our volunteer group. At the 2020 STAR Gala, she volunteered as part of the Diamond Drop experience and Silent Auction teams. “Having the opportunity to work with other volunteers who are just as passionate about people and this organization was so uplifting,” she recalls of the experience. She is also…

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STAR Spotlight: Nicki M.

Meet Nicki Moynihan! She was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She lived there until she was 7 years old, and then moved with her family to Sugar Land, Texas, a suburb of Houston. In late 2016, when her dad retired, they moved to Naples. Now, they live in Naples for 8 months of the year, and during the summer months, they live in Canmore, Alberta, where the Rocky Mountains are. She is part of a family of 10, including…

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STAR Spotlight: Christina S.

Meet Christina Staros! She was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and moved to Naples in 2000. Christina is a relatively new participant, joining STARability just six months ago. Christina loves walking the beautiful paths in her neighborhood, swimming in the pool and relaxing by the golf course. She is part of a family of four, consisting of herself, her mom and dad, and her brother. Her dad has a 1976 Pontiac Grand Prix that he bought brand-new right when it…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Bryan Vehovec

Meet Bryan! Bryan started volunteering with the Baseball League for this year’s season after hearing about STARability through his coworker, Margaret. Bryan says he has always cared for our community, ever since he was a small child, and he has always wanted to share his love of sports. His favorite part about volunteering for STARability is seeing the happiness on the faces of all those involved— participants, volunteers and families! Bryan has truly enjoyed being part of baseball this…

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How to Accept a Zoom Invitation

Open any web browser from a desktop or laptop computer (Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc.) Go to your email and look for an email in your inbox from a STARability staff member, such as “STARability Marketing Department” or “Susan Ford,” with the subject “Please join Zoom meeting in progress.” Open the email. Write down on a piece of paper the Meeting ID and Password contained in the email (or keep your email tab open so you can…

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