STARability Board President is Designhounds Influencer Award Winner

STARability congratulates board president Lisa Kahn-Allen on her 2021 Modenus Designhounds Influencer Award Winners – the Changemakers – for her work with Finding Sanctuary! For 2021, communities have nominated these design influencers they felt had created real change by helping others navigate business challenges; creating new programs or pivoting their own business models during 2020.

We raise our glasses to this exceptional woman and the other designers and influencers for their outstanding achievements and ability to create change in the industry, their own business and the lives of others. Check out the ceremony and a word from all of our Changemaker finalists below. (Lisa is first up!)

The Finding Sanctuary candles serve an even bigger purpose and impact to our organization than most may know. For their creation, Lisa Kahn-Allen partners with our STAR*Made Studio where STARability participants hand-pour and wick each with love.

I love the concept of helping to provide employment and enterprise to their members. In the STARability STAR*Made Studio, participants lovingly hand-pour each candle, using our custom-blended scent. Then they package them to our exact specifications. It’s a wonderful fit for all involved. And this partnership is a way for us to put the principles of sanctuary into action. We put out an exceptional sanctuary product into the marketplace, while helping our community and providing jobs. Everyone wins! – Lisa

Hannah K. pouring the final bit of wax into one of our Finding Sanctuary candles