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STARability Presents STAR Award to Stofft Cooney Architects

matthew m. with john cooney at stofft cooney architects accepting his star award

STARability Foundation recently presented a STAR Award to its dedicated vocational partner, Stofft Cooney Architects. The award was presented to Partner John Cooney by employee and STARability Trailblazer Academy participant Matthew Martel.

matt m. holding star award at stofft cooney architects

The award recognizes local businesses that employ STARability participants, including those enrolled in the Trailblazer Academy, a community-based program focused on providing vocational training, life skill development and recreational experiences for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Stofft Cooney has been partnering with STARability as an event sponsor and inclusive employer for over seven years. The organization stepped in as a Trailblazer Academy jobsite during the pandemic and has worked to enlist the support of The Collective Naples for STARability.

During the award presentation, Matthew shared his gratitude for the enriching employment opportunity and his supportive team. “You all have helped me grow and be a part of the work community,” he said. “Thank you for many perfect days!”

Matthew has been employed with Stofft Cooney since 2019 and is currently an office assistant. His responsibilities include stocking, cleaning, organizing, watering plants, handling mail and event preparation. Matthew has made great strides during his time with Stofft Cooney and was recently offered an increase in hours and tasks.

“We are incredibly thankful for the continued support from Stofft Cooney on a professional and personal level,” said Karen Govern, CEO of STARability Foundation. “As both a business and family, they have been instrumental in supporting STARability and helping us achieve our mission.”

starability team with matt m. and john cooney holding star award

Randall Stofft and John Cooney design and oversee many of the most sought-after residential, commercial and resort architectural projects throughout Florida and locales around the world. The homes they create defy limitation to a single style or aesthetic, drawing inspiration from all genres, across all centuries, with influences from the most emulated architectural endeavors throughout history. The result is a diverse menagerie, ranging from intimate residences to substantial estates. Stofft Cooney believes in personally collaborating with clients to ensure their lifestyle needs are fulfilled by creating a home they will enjoy for generations.