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STARability Presents STAR Award to Structure Medical

structure medical team in naples, florida receives star award from starability ceo

STARability Foundation recently presented a STAR Award to its dedicated vocational partner, Structure Medical. The award was presented to Victor Georgiev, director of operations implant division, and his team by employee and STARability participant Charles.

The award recognizes local businesses that employ STARability participants who accessed their Vocational Services for pre-employment training, career exploration and job search assistance. Services are available to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities seeking competitive integrated employment.

Structure Medical became part of STARability’s vocational network in 2019 and serves as a valuable partner for inclusive employment. They have also supported STARability as a sponsor of the STAR Gala each year since 2020.

During the award presentation, Charles shared pride in his work and appreciation for the support of his team and the meaningful employment opportunity. “I enjoy working at Structure Medical due to the people, the product and the process. My managers and co-workers are always there to guide me and are a great team — I appreciate them,” he said. “Structure Medical makes high quality medical implants that help people recover from serious injuries such as shattered bones – this makes me feel like I am making a positive contribution to the world. This job requires me to be quick and focused on details so that only the best, non-flawed parts get offered to the medical community.”

starability participant charles on the job at structure medical in naples, florida

Charles has been employed with Structure Medical since 2022 and is currently a machinist, which involves the crucial task of checking the tolerance level of manufactured medical parts using specialized coordinate measuring machines.

“We are extremely grateful for our continued partnership with Structure Medical,” said Karen Govern, CEO of STARability Foundation. “Because of their support, we are able to create unique, innovative and truly rewarding opportunities for our STARs to learn, grow and contribute to our community.”

Since 2004, Structure Medical has been a leading manufacturer of spine, trauma and arthroscopic medical implant products used to treat problems with the musculoskeletal system. These medical devices make a profound difference in the lives of patients suffering from trauma, tumors, sports injuries, degenerative diseases and congenital conditions