General, STAR Store & Studio

Stellar Supporter: U.S. Bank

Thanks to a longtime STARability supporter, STARability’s social enterprises are reaching more members of our community! In January, U.S. Bank Private Wealth Management began displaying STAR Store and STAR*Made Studio literature and products in their beautiful lobby, located at Mercato.

The STAR Store is Southwest Florida’s most affordable upscale resale shop. It is also home to the STAR*Made Studio, where participants express themselves creatively as they learn to make and sell beautiful home décor products. Both the store and studio provide critical vocational and life skills opportunities to more than 40 participants of STARability. Now, every visitor to U.S. Bank can learn about the mission of STARability Foundation and how to support through its burgeoning social enterprises.

Thank you, U.S. Bank! Through your continued talents, generosity and advocacy, you are helping to transform the lives of our STAR participants.