Volunteer Spotlight: Amber Hill

Amber has been volunteering for our Trailblazer and Junior Trailblazer academies since April and has enjoyed every minute of it. She was inspired at last year’s gala when she heard her friend, Laura, speak so openly and honestly about her family’s day-to-day life; it touched her heart and she immediately knew she wanted to help. Amber owns a cookie company which is her hobby and passion, so she reached out to STARability to see if there was a way she could share her love of baking with our Trailblazer participants. She had no idea what she could offer but was thrilled with the idea of teaching a baking class. Her favorite part about volunteering is sharing something that she is so passionate about with an amazing group of people. “I am very impressed with each and every person I have worked with,” she said. Everyone is so patient, kind and compassionate.”