Zumba Classes Meet:

Mondays, 3:30-4:30 p.m.
House of Gaia
1660 Trade Center Way
Naples, FL 34109

About Zumba Classes:

Hollis and Dalia

Zumba is STARability’s newest program! Taught by the wonderful certified instructor Hollis, a STARability participant, and her mentor, Dalia, the class provides our participants with a weekly opportunity to have fun while they improve coordination, boost heart health, tone the body, de-stress and simply get moving!

Dalia has been certified since 2012 and began instructing the YMCA Zumba class for people with disabilities in 2016. It was at the YMCA where she met Hollis and became her mentor! Hollis became certified in 2019, and the STARability program is the first class she has led! Zumba has been Hollis’ passion for many years, and she is so excited to be teaching her fellow STARability participants.

Join this fun and healthy group event for only $2 per class. Sign up by emailing Program Coordinator Susan França at or calling 239.594.9007.